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International Lighthouse Passport

International Lighthouse Passport

Ref: LP

Travel the world collecting stamps from lighthouses and related sites.
Special discounts available at participating sites when passport shown.
Deals and exclusive items available on fromthelighthouse.co.uk
Great competitions for special items - some never available for sale!
Support from the lighthouse team as well as special events!

The International Lighthouse passport is sold singly and has 36 pages to collect stamps from lighthouse related sites around the world. Be a part of a unique community and have some fun as well! This passport also has space for notes under each stamp space so that you can also use it as a lighthouse travel journal. This limited edition of 2228 passports is hand numbered and commemorates the Titanic's 2 passings of Lizard Lighthouse. There are 8 gold passports randomly inserted at lighthouse sites so if you want one of these you need to purchase at a lighthouse! Price is for single passport.

Price: 5.00 / $6.40